Image result for Planning Your Mini-design for SymmetryPlanning your miniature landscape is the first step to creating a garden that is pleasing to the eye and fundamentally sound. There are several phases in creating a miniature landscape, including location, design, choosing elements, buying elements, and building the project. Once you’ve chosen your location, you can move on to the critical design work that will help you to picture your landscape before you build it.

Choose the location: Picking the perfect location is important. Location is the foundation for your mini-landscape masterpiece. Will the garden serve to inspire you in an office? Or, are you seeking to inspire those who walk by your home garden? Choose a location that fits your purpose for creating the miniature landscape.

Measure the area. You must know how much space you’re using for the landscape design. Knowing the dimensions will help you put together a design that is breathtaking and symmetrical. Create the design. Make your garden magical by using creativity. Draw your design on drafting paper. Pick the elements, including plants, flowers, statues, benches, or trains. Draw these elements on your design sheet, so you can see the miniature masterpiece before you begin to build it. Make sure that you draw the design to fit your container, carefully measuring the distance between each element in the design.

Referencing your design page, place the other elements in relation to the plants to make the design symmetrical, whimsical, or magical, depending on the design that you’ve chosen. Once you’ve finished, enjoy the beautiful miniature landscape that you create!