Completing the Casino Model Takes Creativity

Image result for Completing the Casino Model Takes CreativityYou’ve researched your model casino history and you’ve created a model design. It’s time to build the miniature casino that you have developed on paper and conceptualized.

Organize and label your tools and supplies. You may need scissors, wire-cutters, tweezers, and other tools, such as tape, magnifying glass, hammer, and sandpaper. Don’t forget the glue, such as Elmer’s, super glue, or wood glue, depending on the materials that you are using to build the model. Materials for the exterior may include wood, such as toothpicks, tongue depressors, or coffee stirrers. You can choose book board for interior walls and trim. Fiberboard is one choice for walls and floors. You may use LED strips for interior lighting.

Be sure to label parts prior to assembling. Labeling will keep all the parts in order, so that you do not get the pieces confused during the assembly process. Label with pencil, not pen, to avoid bleeding when you apply paint. Paint or wallpaper your walls and floors prior to assembling the casino Lucky Nugget App structure. It’s easier than trying to paint or stain after assembly. Wall paper, paint, and wood stain will give the model casino a finished look.

Keep your structure even with a level and a square. Reference your design plan to install the casino elements, such as card tables, Roulette tables, or Poker tables. Added elements may include restaurant tables, a theatre, a bar, stools, benches, or slot machines.

Be sure that your elements are detailed. The more detail that you use for each element, the better the overall look of the model casino.

At this point, you’ve finished assembling your model mini casino casino. Using your creativity, you’ve built an amazing structure. Keep it as a stand-alone model or add it to a larger diorama that includes a city landscape or railroad train, placing it beside other model landscape elements.