Image result for Discover How To Create A Miniature GardenCreating miniature gardens and landscapes is an increasingly popular hobby and surprisingly inexpensive, particularly for beginners. A craft knife or scissors, plus a few household items can easily be the start of your first garden. If you are looking for help and advice, an ideal book for first timers is “Making Miniature Gardens” by Frieda Gray, published by the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Limited.

This invaluable guide includes full instructions for eight different projects, each of which will be an entire garden with all its accessories, plants and trees. Suggested ideas include window boxes, kitchen gardens, ponds, rockeries and patios. Frieda explains how to use everyday items and readily available materials, using easy techniques suitable for everybody. All you need to add is patience and imagination!

The first three chapters concentrate on introducing miniature gardens, the importance of scale and measurement and the necessary materials. Frieda starts by explaining the pleasure that this hobby can bring, then goes on to talk about sizes and how to measure to scale before suggesting a list of materials. The next three chapters explore what tools and equipment are needed, the primary methods of creating miniatures and how to start with simple plants.

Once you have gained confidence in your new hobby, you can move on to the next two chapters which give more detailed instructions on basic flower-making techniques and how to create specific flowers for your miniature garden. Of course, it’s not just about the plants; there are useful tips on the garden layout too.

The book is full of inspiring photographs and drawings which are helpfully the actual size of the model plants and accessories. The final chapter offers further ideas and uses for a miniature garden, plus conversion tables. Overall, this is a great book to get you started on the fascinating world of miniature gardens!