Hereditary – Horror Takes On A Different Face

Image result for HereditaryHorror movies are an extremely popular genre in the film industry today and they have attracted a considerable following. Hereditary, however, takes on a twist that is quite different. Women of creativity have been frowned upon for centuries and deemed not fit mothers for some unknown reason. Perhaps it is the need for their own space and time that has allowed them to be labeled in such a negative manner. Society is under the impression that a mother’s duty belongs to those in her care and that her time is never selfishly her own to revel in her own minds ideas and confusions.

The Debut Of A Masterpiece

Hereditary is the debut film of Ari Aster and has been hailed as a masterpiece in the genre of horror. A story which follows a family struck by the devastation of death. Annie’s mother has died and the family is thrown into a turmoil of emotional trauma. Annie is, however, the one that seems to be the most affected, not only by the death but by the family after the event. Annie is an artist who works from home, however, she is never given the time or freedom to just simply create. Constant interruptions mirror the disruptions caused by the unnatural beings in the film.

Creative Mothers

The film delves so much deeper than the basic story implies. There are underlying tones that imply mother’s with a creative nature and flair are far less deserving of motherhood than other women. Creativity requires your own space in which to work and even that, for Annie, is not enough to give her some time to herself. The sheer line drawn between the complete break up of Annie’s family and her creative talents implies that a mother should forget her dreams of art and create once children arrive. This horror movie tells two tales of loss if you look deep enough to understand.