History-themed Models Can Hit the Jackpot

Image result for History-themed Models Can Hit the JackpotImagine a gambler’s paradise with gaming in an elaborate main hall, slots, and a restaurant or bar. It could all be yours, in miniature, of course.

Create a model of the casino with little handy work. Research the type of mini-casino that you’d like to build. Draw a design plan for your casino, labeling each element. Cut, glue, and paint your casino together.

Researching your mini-casino will help you to decide on the type of style, games, or theme that matches your creativity. Will your casino have an Italian-theme or a Persian theme? Understanding the casino games from the era that you want to showcase will help you to design and build one that mirrors your historical interests.

Chinese gambling of dates to 2300 B.C. Casina de Vinezia, an Italian casino, was established in 1638. It’s still in business. The origin of poker goes back to the Persians and Italians. In France, the Emperor Napoleon played vingt-et-un, known in America as Black Jack. In 1931, Nevada legalized gambling in the United States. Today, online casinos allow gamblers to bet without leaving the house. Technology is a major component of modern-day gambling.

The word casino is Italian, meaning ‘built for pleasure.’ Your model casino can be as expansive as your creativity, using technology, historical or modern-day, online references. Today, casinos feature restaurants and theaters. If you’re up to it, creating a model building of pleasure that includes many elements is one way to stay true to the history and culture of gambling.

Understanding the history of gambling will help your creativity. A wealth of online resources can guide you toward a clear picture minimodels of the miniature casino landscape. Once you’ve studied the history of casinos, you’ll be ready to choose a theme and begin to design your model casino.