Miniature Landscapes Make Experts a Pretty Penny

Image result for Miniature Landscapes Make Experts a Pretty PennyFrom engineering to artistry, modeling expertise is the perfect way to put some money in your pocket. In the job market, miniature landscapes offer both creative and technical employment opportunities. Here are a few professions that are adding thousands of jobs in the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Fine artists develop and design miniature landscapes. The artist works with various elements to create a visually appealing model, usually making a statement about a topic of interest to the artist. This art is for aesthetic, not functional purposes. The artists usually create the piece to display or sell. The median pay for a fine artist is close to $50,000.

Art directors oversee the work of other artists on miniature landscaping projects, often designed to meet the needs of a client. He or she blends scenery, backdrops, buildings, and miniature people into a wide variety of dioramas for static or interactive displays. The salary for this position averages $92,000.

Industrial designers develop product concepts. From cars to buildings, this position oversees the development of products that consumers use daily. The products pass rigorous evaluations, ensuring elevated levels of safety and usability. In the modeling profession, the industrial designer produces miniature replicas, including models of showrooms and tradeshow exhibits. This job pays close to $66,000.

Landscape architects design outdoor spaces. The work in the office making models of open areas, such as businesses and campuses. According to BLS, the job outlook outlook will grow by 6 percent for landscape architects who spend a great deal of time working on concepts and designs. As of May 2017, landscape architects are making a wage of $65,760 per year. The employment outlook for jobs related to miniature landscapes is good. For example, architects are adding jobs as fast as all other occupations, according to BLS. Overall, the industry is offers numerous opportunities for those looking for unique and interesting jobs.