Mysuru As You Have Never Witnessed Before

Image result for MysuruMysuru’s Tourist attraction will be making an entrance once again, but this time miniatures will be involved. The tourism department has proposed the attraction as a means of allowing tourists to view what spectacles are in store for them on the visit. The miniature park will feature scale size landmarks present in Mysuru. This is the perfect opportunity for tourists to plan their days with what they want to see. This park will be an attraction that no tourist of visitor should forego and it should, in fact, be the first port of call when planning trips around the city.

Hand-Crafted Landmarks

The hand-crafted, made to scale versions of the landmarks will be located in a prime spot on the Mysuru-Bengaluru highway. The park will serve as a one-stop tourist information center as well as an attraction. Landmark features will include Mysuru Zoo, Chamndi Hills, and Brindavan Gardens to scratch only the surface. The proposal is still in the discussion phase and has been presented to the Minister for Tourism and Sericulture, S.R. Mahesh. Discussions are ongoing as to what attractions need to be incorporated into the park. When it finally does all come together it is guaranteed to be a tourist hot spot that will be thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Boosting Tourism

The Department of Tourism has been after proposals in a bid to secure increased tourism to the area. Every effort is being made to persuade tourists to stay a little longer in the city. Mysuru has often been viewed as nothing more than a stopover point where tourists stayed for day visits and then departed to the city for a much more vibrant nightlife. Promoting the nightlife within Mysuru is vital to the growth of tourism in the area. The longer tourists stay in the Mysuru, the more revenue will be turned over. Revenue and profits are put back into the city and the creation of an environment that tourists seek.